EDU OPEN event in Dabo, France became an international success

EDU OPEN event in Dabo, France became an international success

The tournament held under the organisation of Christian Ramm (the vice-president of Flechettes Electronique France) became a true international tournament that attracted players from several European countries.

Most of the players were from the host country of France, followed by lots of CSS players from Switzerland then Luxembour, Germany, Belgium, and even one player from Czech Republic (UŠO player Krejči Jan).

Some of the Prominent Swiss players who attended this grand event are eternal champion Karina Kaenzig, legend Pfister Ursula which still makes it clear that no matter how old you are you can still win in Darts because she is constantly on the throne. Then there is always cheerful player and one of the strongest players in the Switzerland Walpen Marcel aka CELLO, Then we have always persistent and very strong players like Martin and Marcel Gugger, Rene Lustenberger and Senn Reto.

Well-trained Swiss players have won a fair amount of awards.

First EDU National Homme 501 D.O. Won the Swiss Walpen Marcel in a tense final against French player Leduc Mikael, while French player Latch Eric won the third place.

Leduc Mickael easily passed right side tournament at the same time beating some of the better players such as Lim Rada, Stuhlsatz Jean Luc and the Swiss Walpen Marcel in the semifinal thus securing a minimum of second place in the tournament.

Walpen Marcel was equally easy to reach the semifinals on the right, winning French legends such as Belchun Yoann, Marchal Fabienne and lesser-known, but equally strong Latch Eric. In the semifinals he lost to Leduc Mickael, where he was thrown to the left and returned to the right by winning against Latch Eric, and proved he was able to keep consistent in the game, winning the Finals against French Leduc Mickael- thus winning the EDU National Men’s Tournament

Among the French well known players that participated in the singles tournament were Mehdi Poggi, Arro Jerome, Francois Guillemin, Kreizer Jean, Forboteaux Fabrice and Pilon Cedric, but because of the competition they were unable to get to the throne.

Women’s singles competition was just as good.
First place was taken as expected by skilled Swiss Karina Kaenzig by winning against compatriot, longtime friend and teammate Legendary Switzerland’s Ursula Pfister, Third place remains in France thanks to the young Rodriguez Amanda which showed her skill by beating the competition.

In the women’s tournament that participated were also some prominent players such as Frison Carole, Lintz Helene, Caroline Labille, Bauer Beatrice, Muller Julie, Hollender Laetitia, Huyin Lina, Muller Agnes Wagner Anne, Sharita Daetwiller And many other great names from the top of women’s darts.

The biggest surprise was the six-year-old Vogt Ambre who had the chance to play with the eternal champion Kaenzig Karin and one of France’s strongest players Bauer Beatrice..
Unfortunately she did not have a chance against so strong a players, but the effort and will is that what counts.

We can say that we had present the oldest but still one of the worlds best players Pfister Ursula (74), and the joungest Vogt Ambre (6) which can easily become the best in the future of darts.

In the men doubles competition the first place was taken by two of the better german DSAB players Plötz Patrick and Hardt Uwe followed in the second place by French players Muller Mathieu & Kreizer Jean. The third place was taken by Stuhlsatz Jean Luc & Belchun Joan.

Even the president of FEF Jean Cristophe Menetrey and vicepresident Christian Ramm of FEF have tryed their skill with the best but have not made it to the throne because of harsh competition and numerous strong player doubles.

The women doubles was taken as expected by the best Swiss double Karina Kaenzig and Pfister Ursula, the second place was taken by the legendary french player Frison Carole in pair with less known but equally strong french player Boubet Jaud Huin Adeline, and the third place was taken also by two strong swiss players Sharita Daetwiller & Lina Huyn

The mayor of Dabo Weber Jozef witnessed the award ceremony and held a speech thanking all players that participated, and also thanked the organiser Christian Ramm for the invitation. After the warm speech of both mayor Weber Josef and Christian Ramm there was a table prepared with french delicacies for all players to eat and drink for free.

After the award ceremony we continued with triple mix competition where the throne was taken by once more by Swiss team HOT CHILI DARTER consisting of Gugger Martin, Gugger Marcel and of course Karina Kaenzig, the second place Cup stayed in France thanks to the great players of team LES INATENDUS consisting of Briet Phillippe, Ludovic Girault & Herard Julie.
And the third place was taken by one more Swiss team called no other than SWISS (Rene Lustenberger, Senn Reto & Pfister Ursula).

I would like to thank each and every person that attended this tournament, especially the French players that came in such big number.

I hope everybody had a great time here in DABO, France, I wish all players safe trip home, and hope to see you all in the next EDU tournament in Prague, Czech Republic on 1-2 of September 2017.

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