EDU2017 – Biggest Junior Darts Event in the history of Darts Sport

The tournament that was held in Caorle in June of 2017 has become the biggest Junior event in the history of darts.

There were thousands of players in the hall of Caorle from every corner of europe. But the biggest attention got the Junior events in which there were over 120 players, which ranked it the Biggest
We were surprised how the countries that participated are doing a great job through their youth programs. We have information that the next year will be even greater, because countries that participated have said to bring even more Junior players.

The young players that participated in Junior competition tournaments had shown such skills, that even the Great Michael Van Gerven and Phil Taylor would be amazed.

The main Junior competitions that were played in caorle are Juniors Boys UNDER 15 years of age, Junior Boys UNDER 18 years of age, Junior Girls UNDER 15 years of age and Junior Girls UNDER 18 years of age.


In the most attractive competition of UNDER 18 boys tournament the throne was taken by Benecky Roman from Czech Republic which has shown his amazing skill of darts in full spectrum. His concentration and focus were on the peak in Caorle thus making him the best in the UNDER 18 boys competition… However Oguzhan Kaya from Turkey that won the 2nd place was not any less skilled than RomanKaya`s skills were a problem for Roman in finals because he did not want to loose that easily. The 10 minute best of five match between those two junior titans was nevertheless impressive to watch. Third place was taken with ease by Kuritsin Mikhail from Russia, and 4th place was celebrated by all of Italy with their player Ognibeni Davide which has gone through some harsh competitors during the tournament.

The UNDER 15 boys competition was quite an challenge with some of the worlds best new generations of players ever seen. The player that is the most worth mentioning is a Tylik Maksim from Russia, probably the smallest player of the boys competition had packed a whole lot of skills. His amazing skills have brought him to the top of the throne of europe`s Junior U15 competition.  Kuzgun Serdar from Turkey had lost against Maksim in finals thus ensuring the 2nd place in the tournament. But Kuszgun`s loss is not a sign that he is lacking any skills but rather it show that luck was on Maksim`s side. 3rd place was won by Kazinsky Dimitry from Russia, and 4th place was taken by Andergassen Andre from Italy.

Girls competition was also interesting to watch. In Under 18 Competition First place was won by Czipo Vivien. The humble Vivien from Hungary has shown that she is capable of winning and staying humble and respectable to her oponents at the same time. Second place was won by Mukades Dogan Melisa from Turkey which was prepared for the tournament but the Young Hungarian player was a bit better against her in the finals. Third place was taken by Raevskaya Margarita from Russia and 4th place was taken by Baldina Ekaterina also from Russia.

Under 15 girls competition was dominated by Russian player Kharitonova Arina, and other places were dominated by Turkish players. 2nd place was Sudenaz Aydin, 3rd place Kosten Pelin and Dinc emine was 4th.

Turkey and Russia took most of the trophies in the singles Junior competitions… Turkey won 6, Russia also 6, Italy 2, Czech Republic 1 and Hungary also 1 trophy.

Junior National Team competition was dominated by Russian team with Tylik Maksim in focus which dominated most of his matches. Turkey took the 2nd place, Czech Republic was 3rd and Italy 4th.

Young players that have participated in the junior tournaments, and some have tryed their skills in Seniors singles tournaments like Dursun Emine from Turkey which was 5th in the singles Junior event, but played Final match in senior singles main event 501 D.O. against everlasting winner and legend of womens Darts Karina Kaenzig from Switzerland. This shows how Young players that participated have skills which all the old generations of players should be affraid.






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